Here at Think Concepts we believe that it is the people that really make the business succeed. We are shaped by our unique culture, we strive to be our best and deliver our best. We know that the power and drive we have, enables us to be successful for ourselves and for our clients.
This is all thanks to our team culture and the support we receive.

We have a set of values, a vision and a mission that we live and breathe each and everyday, individually and as a collaborative team. 


Our Values

This set of core values were picked out by our team based on what we believe is important to be able to succeed both personally and professionally.

Our values define us and we know that you cant demonstrate just one of these values, they all go hand-in-hand.

We hold Value Sessions each month where we go over what the meaning of a specific value means to us, how it is demonstrated here at Think Concepts and how we can improve.

We also get in touch with our feelings and we identify our desired and undesired feelings and why they are important inside the work place, this helps us further understand ourselves and our team members. Understanding is a very powerful tool.

Strategy Day

Each year we come together from each office and we talk about strategy in a 'Strategy Day'. We talk about what we have still yet to accomplish as a team and as a company and we celebrate what we have accomplished already and how far we have come.

Although this sounds a lot like a company wide meeting, it so much more for us as a team here at Think. We get to see our team members that we work with each day but from a remote location, in person, we get very excited to collaborate as a team and it's a very inviting environment for ideas and brainstorming.

Improving a company from the inside out creates a great result as we have already seen. When the goals are set by the team and reflect what we all strive and drive towards each day you achieve a team, that enjoys coming to work, enjoys their team culture and finds their challenges and goals exciting.

Our Team

When it comes to our team, attitude is the key attribute we look for. With the right attitude, anything is possible. When it comes down to doing business, it is the people that make the difference. Having a relationship with someone you can trust to care about your business brings peace of mind. We make understanding your business operation a key priority in building the client relationship.

Our consultants attend weekly knowledge sharing meetings and throughout the year they enroll in IT seminars and events to keep up to date with the latest developments in IT. We encourage all our employees to develop and apply their talents creatively. We are continually adapting our thinking and behavior to meet the ever changing environment we operate in. 

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