Save Your Precious Mobile Data

Our Consultant Quintin has an awesome tech tip that will block annoying advertisements from your safari browser for FREE, whilst simultaneously saving your mobile data!

By default, there is no ad-blocking functionality in Safari on the iPhone. This means any browsing done on a smartphone while not connected to a wireless network will use up precious (and expensive) mobile 3G/4G data because the website will also need to download the ads. On top of downloading embedded ads like the one below sometimes a website will pop up with an ad that’s not designed for the smaller smartphone screens resulting in a frustrating experience trying to close the ad.

Here’s an example of the NZ Herald website on an iPhone on Safari compared to the same website on the AdBlock Browser.


The AdBlock Browser will also block ads that play before videos including those on However, AdBlock browser cannot block ads inside other apps (like the YouTube/NZ Herald App) but that’s a small drawback for a free app that can save your data!

To download the app, click here.

Thanks Quintin for the great tip!