Common Point of Sale Pain Points and How You Can Reduce Them

One of the most common point of sale pain points that you may not even realise you have is space. As this precious commodity is slowly taken up by bags, merchandising materials, stock, and other miscellaneous items, two things happen.

Subsconsciously you rue the space occupied by the beast PC that you've had for the last 5+ years and in a bid to maximise the remaining space you do have, you cram as much as humanly possible in and around the computer setup. Outside of this, unavoidably, becoming an unsightly mess, walling up your PC as tightly as possible ends up insulating it. 

This causes temperatures to rise, reduces performance and in the extremes becomes a relatively real fire threat. Just like a sick human with a temperature can't perform, neither can a computer. 

Take back your space!

Mini computing is the way to do away with the behemoth sitting under the counter. We excel in supplying and configuring reduced sized solutions which free up your workspace for a clearer perspective. These mini computers can be easily mounted to the rear of most monitors meaning you’re removing the danger, making your computer significantly more accessible and you free yourself a whole bunch of space. Coupled with sleek, low profile peripherals you stand to make your Point of Sale an area to be proud of as opposed to the last formality in the sales process.

Let your PC retire

One of the other more prevalent problems we see is performance issues. If your hardware is nearing its 4th, 5th or 6th birthday it may be time to book them into the retirement home. I like to think computers have a scaled age much like dogs do. What I mean by this is that 20 computer years is equal to one human year. By the time your computer’s 3 years old, it’s earned the right to put its feet up and let a younger unit do the hard yards. Computer warranties are only 12-36 months and this is their expected useful life. After 3 years, your computer may still operate, but the compounding updates and cached data will have degraded performance and hardware will begin to fail.

A lot of our clients will express disappointment in the performance of their computing equipment and often an aging fleet is at the heart of the problem. If you apologise to your customers about how long a transaction takes to put through or that they need to wait to get a receipt, maybe it’s time to review your Point of Sale setup.