Five Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your IT

You've probably heard that outsourced IT reduces costs, but did you know that it can also help to dramatically improve your business processes and efficiencies? If you need help deciding whether an outsourced IT support agreement is right for you - check out these five main reasons to take the plunge. 

1. Forecast and reduce your IT costs.

We thought we'd begin with the obvious. An outsourced IT support agreement will reduce your costs. Firstly, in the way of products and services because of our trusted and strong relationships with partners and suppliers. Secondly, in the way of recruitment and professional development costs. We recruit the best Consultants and continuously train them at our own cost. With an outsourced IT Support agreement you will only pay for what is initially agreed allowing you to easily forecast and budget for IT without worrying about a disaster. 

2. Get access to a huge range of skill sets.

With an outsourced IT agreement, you will have an entire team of IT Consultants at your disposal, all of which cover a range of specialised skills which might not be available to your business otherwise. Our consistent training sessions mean that our Consultants are well equipped to be able to up-skill around any changes in technology in order to better service you. 

3. An outsourced partner provides measurable service-level agreements (SLA) to ensure service quality, which holds them accountable compared to internal resources. 

SLA's will ensure you are always getting the level of service you expect! Outsourced IT is often much more reliable, speedy and consistent because your issues are tended to on their level of priority. Multiple members of your team can ask for assistance at any one time as we always have technicians stationed on our 24/7 help-desk. Our technicians will also always ensure all your assets and risks are properly managed. 

4. Regain valuable management time previously spent managing IT internally. 

Ever had to continuously follow up with IT to make sure your issue has been resolved? Escalating your frustrations with management who again have to follow up with IT? It's all a waste of time. With outsourced IT no job is too big or too small, we'll always let you know when we have picked up a job which means it will be resolved. There's no chance of us forgetting or avoiding your job. We even have a customer portal for you to track the progress of your ticket. 

5. Single point of contact instead of multiple internal teams (e.g. network/server teams). 

Forget about stressful email loops, or endless call forwarding and holding. With outsourced IT you will always have a single point of contact in the form of an account manager who will liaise with different teams, suppliers and contractors for you with the ultimate aim of getting your job done and getting it done right. Once you've put the job in the hands of one of our awesome Consultants, you can forget about it until it is resolved letting us manage the entire process. 

Here's a bonus tip for you:

6. You'll gain a great relationship with an amazing and fun bunch of Consultants always striving to make your job just that bit easier using technology!