5 Reasons To Protect Your Business With A UPS

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

With all this crazy weather, we wanted to reach out with some advice to hopefully reduce some of the potential business disruption that can be a side effect of the winter conditions.

Over 90% of businesses will suffer this kind of disruption at some point, and it can have a big effect on your ability to continue trading, especially if the power outage persists for days.

In most cases power cuts don't last for long periods of time.

This is where a simple battery backup system can help by offering an additional safeguard to your core technology equipment.These can allow for mission critical things to continue running, but more importantly can avoid sudden shutdowns which can lead to data loss or corruption (and further downtime).

Today even the smallest business can protect itself with a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). Units come in all shapes, sizes and budgets to suit every need. A UPS can offer your business a number of advantages:

  • Continuous working with no downtime maintains your business' efficiency.

  • Low cost when compared to recreating lost data.

  • Provides time to shut down your servers gracefully (some even do this for you automatically)

  • Protects sensitive equipment from damage.

  • Provides business continuity.

You should protect all of your business' sensitive equipment with power surge protectors, but this functionality is built in to a UPS which helps to smooth out the power fluctuations that often occur with main power supplies..

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