Anyone Can Be A Target

The Wolf

It's not just leaked records that can harm a business, we've recently seen the effects of data loss with the 2017 WannaCry ransomware. These attacks have the capacity to level a business without the proper backups, network security and policies in place. As connected databases around the world grow in scope and size, targets only get bigger. Companies that used to not be worth the risk are now managing millions of important, private records. In many companies, the responsibility and authority for infrastructure is assigned to just one person. Not only does this create a single point of failure for the business, it allows many effective attacks based on social engineering and single-sign-on to succeed.

 Christian Slater returns to the game to teach us a lesson in cyber security.

Equipment and processes you would never consider to be a weakness: your smartphones, printers, malicious phone calls to your employees to extract private credentials. All these things can add up to someone with ill-intentions gaining complete control of your network and mission-critical data.

That’s where we come in

When you ask Think Concepts to audit and supply your data network, we do so with security and reliability as the top priority. Our team of talented and passionate technicians mean there's no "one key" to lose. Because we already deal with mission-critical data for dozens of businesses across New Zealand, large and small, we know what's involved.

Think Concepts and HP share the concern for your business network, talk to us about securing your critical data. We can make recommendations for your company based on its requirements for data storage and network security.

  • Cold backups, so there's a copy physically isolated from the network should the worst happen.

  • Off-site storage to prevent natural disasters from claiming everything you've worked for.

  • Securing network ingress points such as wall-ports, wireless access points and remote access servers.

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