Fibre Connectivity for your Business

he internet is used in so many aspects of day-to-day business, whether it be; video conferencing, managing payroll, emailing or using your online CRM, a reliable connection is a must, so why not make sure you have the best? We've gone through and covered some things every business owner should think about when making the move. (9).png

What is Fibre Internet?

UFB or Ultra Fast Broadband is a network of Fibre Optic cables being built in New Zealand. Fibre Optic cables can achieve a higher connection speed and much lower latency than that of copper cables which traditional broadband is delivered over.

You can check if Fibre is available at your address by contacting your preferred Internet provider, otherwise you can get in touch with us and we can help out.

What are the benefits?

The main benefits of moving to UFB are that it's a more robust technology than traditional copper that provides more consistent uptime and fast speeds. Here are some immediate advantages businesses can expect from UFB:

  • Support of Internet-based backup systems for much larger amounts of data.

  • Improved information and data flow - enables you to work seamlessly with clients or vendors overseas

  • Fast and cost-effective access to remote computing (such as cloud services)

  • Increased reliability

  • Improved conferencing - High Definition quality video

  • Lower calling costs - by utilising internet calling services (VOIP)

  • Increased capacity for all your employees to work on the same network

Things to consider before making the change:

If you have special equipment or a secure connection modem, you need to be aware that these will need to be reconfigured when you change. - You may need to upgrade your unit if you have one that isn't compatible.

Do you have more than one location? - are they currently connected or would you like them to be?

Have you let an IT person/company know about your change? You will want to make sure you let someone know so they are prepared for your change and can help if anything unexpected pops up.

We can help:

If this is like another language to you, give one of our friendly techs a call, and they can put it into plain English to you, making sure you get the right solution for you and helping you transition smoothly to your new, ultra fast internet connection!