How does IT support business strategy?

Many people don't really know what an "IT company" does, or they have misconceptions about how broad the IT industry has become. 
One of the first questions we are asked when we introduce ourselves as an IT provider is “what kind of software do you develop?”. Due to the surge of cloud services, technology development and the rise of tech companies producing a large number of applications, it makes sense that the layperson tends to bundle IT services in with software development. IT consultancy companies have their own place within this ever-changing environment, enabling businesses to keep up with the latest technology within the framework of their individual business strategy.

So, what is it IT companies do specifically to support your business strategy? When is IT crucial to help your business succeed? 
IT companies provide a range of services to look after, advise and manage your entire technology environment. We have your business’ best interests at heart and we want to assist you to achieve your goals by having fit-for-purpose and reliable systems in place. The only way we succeed is when our customers succeed.

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Consider these scenarios below:

  • You are opening a new branch in a different city and you need all your phones to work off one system. How do you do this?

  • You are a graphic design company and you have a lot of files, that are essential to your business and you need to ensure these are backed up offsite. 

  • You are planning to change accounting or CRM packages, but there are a lot of options. What is the best solution and what will work best with your other systems?

  • Internet connections. How do you know which one to choose? 

  • You have a great business idea and you know that you will be opening multiple branches in the future. How do you set up your office so you can scale? And how do you design your IT environment to keep up with you as you scale without blowing up the budget?  

Who do you prefer to turn to for honest and forward-thinking technical advice? Would you like to speak to a different vendor or person for every area of your business, i.e. phones, internet, data storage etc.? 
Or would you rather speak with someone who looks at your business environment as a whole, takes into account the aspects that matter most to you, and gives you their professional advice, based on past experience and expertise of today’s technology? 

IT consultants do just that!

They look at your business environment as a whole, they consider future plans within your business ensure you are up to date with the latest technology trends. IT consultants design a long-term solution specifically for your business using their experience and knowledge.

IT support isn't just about the software you use, it's how you safeguard your data, how your multiple offices communicate effectively with each other and how your business protects itself against potential disasters. 

As an IT company, we ensure you are profiting from the newest technologies your business' best advantage.