How To Solve The Biggest Industry Problems With Cloud Backup

If you've ever found yourself frustrated by your onsite backup system or you have ever struggled with retaining data securely with minimal risk, then cloud backup could be the solution for you. Cloud backup systems solve the biggest industry problems which are only magnified by traditional backup schemes. Read on to find out where your backup scheme may be falling short. 

Find Out The Five Ways Cloud Computing Can Help You

Traditional Backup Schemes

Loss of data can cripple a business as certain industries have regulations that require information to be made available for a certain number of years. Not having that data available can cause legal ramifications, for example accounting firms are legally required to retain all their data for 7 years. The challenge with retaining data for this long is figuring out how to do this. Traditional backup schemes involve running nightly backups and retaining the monthly and yearly backups. Over time the amount of data grows and can sometimes be unmanageable. 

The next problem with retaining so much data is where to keep it?  The best practice is to keep backups offsite so that in a disaster scenario the data is still recoverable. Using older technology such as tapes requires physical storage to hold the data. For critical data, it's often duplicated and kept in seperate physical and sometimes geographical locations. Companies such as TIMG (Formerly Online Security Services) have made a business out of collecting tapes for off-site secure physical storage. Over time the associated costs with such services can quickly add up. 

Managing traditional backup schemes can sometimes be time consuming as well as a potential risk. Manual intervention to change tapes, USB drives etc, leaves the potential risk for human error where forgetting to change, leaving on-site, or changing at the wrong time can result in a failed or corrupt backup. 

Cloud Backup Schemes

With newer cloud technologies, a lot of the common issues with traditional backup schemes have been eliminated.

This includes but is not limited to the following features:

  • Solutions scale to your requirements. This in turn can bring the associated costs down for small business where traditional methods are often out of reach.

  • Data is automatically kept off-site, allowing protection in disaster scenarios.

  • Cloud solutions are simple with minimal human interaction and error.

  • Cloud solutions can be implemented with minimal investment in infrastructure such as traditional tape libraries etc. 

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