IT - Industry Specialisation

Each industry has different challenges, goals and processes. Industry specalisation takes these challenges and goals into account and delivers the most optimal, fit-for-purpose solution.  For example, an accounting firm doesn’t have a need for high-performance desktops, but a software error could irreversibly damage a company’s reputation, that’s why it’s important to maintain customer-specific approaches. Without industry understanding, solutions become vague and expensive without delivering satisfactory results.


Why is it beneficial? There are many benefits to a client-focused result. With the right research and uncompromising approach, goals can be met quicker and cheaper than a one-size-fits-all solution. Having an industry focus allows you to prioritise your goals and deliver services that far surpass your competition. It's highly valuable to have an IT provider that shares this focus.

Freeing up resources is another major side effect of having the right solution in place. An industry-specific IT solution will enable your team to concentrate on delivering the best experience for your customers, while your infrastructure handles the workload.

Examples from real-life customer experiences. We are experts in delivering for these fields, as our customers already know, but we want to share a few of our customers’ priorities that may not be so apparent at first.

Here are some of the unique reasons why our different customer industries trust Think Concepts:

Accounting and law firms:

  • a stable, connected infrastructure lets staff work remotely without losing any functionality, secure or performance benefits.

  • verified backups ensure there’s no question that customer data is safe in the event of a fault or disaster.

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Warehouses, manufacturers and freight companies:

  • from scanning the first receivable’s bar-code to printing export labels, having everything work the first time, every time, is critical.

  • a thorough, friendly support team with accurate documentation and established vendor contacts means software issues get resolved quickly and reliably.

Pharmacies and retail stores:

  • having the right retail equipment is the difference between a happy customer and a lost sale.

  • with such heavy competition in every NZ town and city, dispensing and printing needs to work reliably, or profit will go elsewhere.

  • loss or delays in data is not an option, so having a secure and reliable Internet connection with monitored services helps avoid and minimize downtime.

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Medical centers across New Zealand:

  • without correct timekeeping, customers won’t be sent a text reminder when their appointment or test is due.

  • a solid server with regular backups ensures database integrity in worst case scenarios.

  • strict security and compliance policies, because the only thing standing between your patients and a complete breach of privacy and trust is a robust firewall and antivirus platform.

And everyone else trusts Think Concepts because:

  • when their second site can only get ADSL Internet over the phone line, we can set up a wireless link that rivals UFB fibre for performance and reliability.

  • We have our own remote management systems for every aspect of their environment, desktops, laptops, servers, printers, network equipment, phones, storage and security.

  • our staff are passionate about their respective specialisations, resulting in the best solutions provided, every time

  • we don't compromise on their goals, and it shows in our work.

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