What is Dynamics 365?

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 - intelligent business applications that help you manage and run your entire business while better engaging customers.

Microsoft released Dynamics CRM in 2003. Since this time the product has been constantly evolving introducing new capabilities and ways of managing information. With advancements like Dashboards, Process Driven Forms and Dynamics CRM online, each release Microsoft has taken the product in new directions to assist businesses to manage their relationships.

As Dynamics has grown beyond its origin of Customer Relationship Management and turned into a platform for data capture, action and analysis. Microsoft has rebranded from Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365.

With Dynamics 365, Microsoft is bringing some new tools to be deeply integrated and available to deliver the best fit for your users Dynamics 365 can be purchased in role focused apps:

  • Sales

  • Customer Service

  • Field Service

  • Project Management

  • Team Members

  • Or consolidated into a cost effective subscription that allows access to all of Dynamics 365 functionality.

Working with the team at OA Systems we can consult, design and implement this system to fit across the relevant parts of your processes.

Dynamics 365 Functionality

Sales App

The Sales app is focused on lead identification and management through the opportunity process. Account management through Quotes, Orders and Invoices.

Dynamics 365 leverages dashboards for individuals and management to track sales progress, workflows to manage call cycles and system triggers to notifications and escalations.

Customer Service

Delivers a specialised area for case management against Accounts, Projects or Jobs. This can track time spend and SLA escalation based on customer type.

As customer service is becoming more important to maintaining client relationships this is a good place to leverage Microsoft’s included portals to allow clients to create, update and view processes on cases making your organisational support accessible 24/7.

Field Service

Field Service has been specifically designed to manage scheduling, communicating with and supporting team members who deliver services off site. Using work orders that can be visualised on the Schedule Board, organisation can track allocation of staff, resources and keep track of client equipment.

Project Management

Managing projects in Dynamics 365 allows organisation to be able to plan capacity for staff, resources and equipment. Tracking of cost verses billable rates of all deliverables allows for a clear understanding of project profitability.

Team Member

Designed for light users that can edit Account/Contact or only customised areas of the system. Or view information across the whole system.

Dynamics 365 allows staff to use a mobile app to look for available project and management to approve tentative scheduling. This is also available to timesheet and expense management.