You Are What You Eat

Making Mondays Better With Breakfast 

At Think Concepts we take breakfast and team bonding seriously.

I remember when I first started and heard about the 7AM Monday morning team breakfasts I was excited to be a part of a work culture that recognised the fabulousness of breakfast whilst starting the week right with your colleagues.

salmon fitness bowl (002).jpeg

Since our Auckland office is in the CBD, we are spoilt for choice and often switch it up to see who reigns supreme on the coffee and egg bene front! 

catroux pancake.jpg

Some of our favourites include the Richmond Road Café, Mary’s, and Catroux. 

Think Concepts, just like the Auckland café scene show no signs of slowing as we continue our quest to deliver better IT Support and Consultancy. 

Do you have a favourite cafe or work story to share? 


Operations Manager