New business set up from start to finish

Ryan Pan, a pharmacist with plans of opening a new business in Wiri, Auckland, took to the internet in search of a capable vendor to assist in turning his vision into a reality.

Through our case studies and examples of our involvement with setting up new pharmacies, he was confident we were the right company to reach out to. Ryan sent through his enquiry form and we got in touch with him promptly to go through how we could help.
Our consultant Tyran went over the specifics of his intended process and the plans that were already in place. He listened to Ryan’s ideas, also keeping in mind the industries specific requirements and provided a quote that aligned with these and that was tailored to best suit the soon-to-be pharmacy.

In the early stages of the project Tyran was made aware that not only was this a new business, it was an entirely new site. To gain a better perspective of the client’s needs, Tyran organised a site scoping to make sure the solutions being recommended were going to fit well into the spaces available. He chose small form factor PCs for both the retail and dispensary areas to conserve space and improve aesthetics. While onsite, he noticed the space that was reserved to accommodate the printer was a reasonable size, so Tyran was able to recommend a larger multifunction printer that met all of the business's needs.

Every business is different and has different requirements. We take the time to understand these requirements for each business type. For pharmacy, audit requirements require certain specifications to be met across all their gear. We know these well and use this understanding to ensure that the equipment we supply, and install is up to standard and will pass the pharmacy auditing process.

“Being able to assist a business owner from beginning to end with their pharmacy setup makes life a lot easier for both parties. From initial planning to implementation I was able to assist with the right ICT direction for Ryan with minimal interruption. Working alongside the cabinet makers and electricians really helped with overall aesthetic setup and practicality of the network infrastructure”

- Tyran Howell, Think Concepts Consultant

As a business owner opening a new site, co-ordinating with many different vendors from a range of areas of expertise can be difficult and stressful. Tyran alleviated some of this for Ryan by regularly liaising with the electrician and builders when on site to make sure that the pharmacy would have enough power points and network ports in optimal places for all the pharmacy’s IT requirements. This is the type of care and foresight that can minimise headaches and remediation for business owners.

We are proud of our involvement in the set up and opening of Wiri Health Pharmacy. Tyran and our 24/7 helpdesk continue to support Ryan with his business as we have a great understanding of his site. Ryan was very pleased with the support we gave him during the project, here is what he had to say:

 “Think Concepts played a very crucial role when setting up Wiri Health Pharmacy. Tyran helped us with everything, from IT system, communication to procurement of dispensary equipment to ensure a successful pharmacy audit.
The ongoing support from Think Concepts is exceptional”

- Ryan Pan, Owner of Wiri Health Pharmacy