In the week beginning 29th August 2016, we will be rolling out our brand new PSA (Professional Services Automation Software). It has been the #1 PSA software platform worldwide for over 15 years and we cannot wait to start using it.

On top of smoothing out our business processes, the implementation of our new PSA will mean that we can offer you a more transparent, efficient and quality service every time. The major benefits for you include automatic updates, a customer portal and closed loop communication which will allow you to track and enquire about any of your tickets quickly and easily.

Below are some key changes we are making to our business to ensure we provide you with exceptional service:

  • Placing Tickets

    If you have a support query you can simply email You will immediately receive a reply with a ticket number. If you have any questions or notes to add, you can simply reply to the email that has your ticket number in the subject line, and your email will automatically be added into our PSA against your ticket instead of sitting in a particular consultant’s inbox.  This will allow us to improve our communication with you across the board. E.g. Should that consultant be out for the day or sick and doesn’t have immediate email access, another available consultant can review and respond to your query. You will also now receive email updates on the status of your tickets and confirmation emails when your ticket is resolved.  

    If your query is urgent we recommend that you call us in the first instance, but otherwise we encourage you to use this email as it lodges a ticket straight into the ticket queue and we will able to facilitate your request more efficiently. 
  • Placing Orders

    We have set up to streamline your ordering process. If you need to place an order simply send an email to this address, this will place a sales ticket into our PSA and our procurement team will place your order. If you have an enquiry around products and services or require a quote, email us at this address and we’ll get a consultant to call you back.

    In either circumstance you will receive an email with your sales ticket number which you can reply to directly if you have any further queries.
  • Customer Portal

    The customer portal is a feature we will be rolling out soon. The customer portal will give you visibility on all your tickets, financials and contact information. We will give you more information on how to sign into the portal after we go live. One on one training can also be provided. All ticket replies sent from us will have a hyperlink that goes straight to your ticket in the portal. There will be more information to come around this at a later date. 
  • Billing Update

    We are going to close off the August billing cycle in our current software and start the September billing cycle from our new PSA. You will notice a change in our invoice and statement template in September.
  • Labour Rates

    Below is an overview of our billing rates. Our standard billing rate has remained the same, however please note there has been changes to our after-hours support.
    • Outside of Business Hours
      • Weekend Onsite Support - $260 per hour, $100 call out fee, minimum charge 1 hour
      • Weekend Remote Support - $260 per hour
      • After Hours Onsite Support - $195 per hour, $100 call out fee, minimum charge 30 minutes
      • After Hours Remote Support - $195 per hour
    • Call Out Fees
      • Auckland - $50
      • Tauranga (Inner CBD) - $0
      • Tauranga (Fringe CBD) - $25
      • Tauranga (Other Area) - $50
      • Wellington City - $50
      • Other Regions - $65 per hour of travel
    • Business Hours Labour Rate
      • Consultant - $130 per hour
      • Senior Consultant - $150 per hour
      • Technical Lead - $180 per hour
    • Please Note
      • We charge a minimum remote charge of 15 minutes for support queries.
      • If you are a managed service client, the pricing would only apply if the service is outside the scope of your agreement. 
  • Business Hours

    Our standard office hours are 7:00AM - 6:00PM, Monday – Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)
  • Think Supply / E-Commerce

    Our current e-commerce solution, Think Supply, will be decommissioned along with our existing PSA software on the 26th of AugustIf you are an active user, you will have received a call about this from Courtney, our Client Services Representative. If you haven’t received a call yet you will do before this date. A number of our customers have access but are not active users. Please note your login will not work after this date. Instead please send your orders to We are currently in the process of looking at a new e-commerce platform that will integrate with our new PSA. Once we have looked into this further we will inform you of the launch date. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

We hope the changeover experience is as streamlined as possible for you, but as with any major change there may be some teething issues and slight differences for our clients to adjust to. We are grateful for your patience during this time. These changes have been made with the intention of better supporting all of our customers. Thank you for your ongoing business.