Emergency Internet Services - EIF International

In today’s business environment it is crucial to have internet connectivity to ensure the smooth running of your business. A lot of planning goes into office openings, relocations, store openings and other important projects but despite all the planning the proficiency of an internet connection can make or break a projects success. We like to think outside the box to find solutions to minimise the risk of a poor connection.


We had an IT setup & relocation project for EIF International, the UFB providers put the installation back into the consents stage and only informed us a few days before the offices had to be up and running. This ultimately would have meant that the customer would be unable to trade on their opening day and they would not be connected for another two months at least.

Our Solution

Not accepting this as fact our Tauranga consultant Dion called in our Auckland consultant Matt Walkinshaw to setup a wireless link to another customers premises who were nearby and already had fibre. They livened their UFB fibre connection as a secondary connection at the remote site bringing the customers online within a day. We met the go live date and the wireless link ran the customers for two months while their fibre installation was being completed.




For Think Concepts this job proves our ability to solve problems under pressure. The last-minute nature of the issue didn’t hinder the effectiveness of our solution and encouraged our consultants to work even harder for our customers. For our customers we ensured their office opening was as seamless as possible despite the lack of fibre.

Hi Dion and the team,

EIF would like to thank you for all your hard work getting our new premises up and running, you can use this testimonial in your next newsletter if you like.

Think Concepts undertook the project management and implementation of the technology sector for our new office and warehouse. Whilst being held up by other contractors and vendors Dion and his team members ensured that we were live and able to trade on the day we needed. This involved running a temporary internet service at extremely short notice due to delays with the installation of fibre and copper line and setting and managing our phone system in a way that allowed us to work from two locations without an issue.

Think Concepts ability to thrive under pressure and innovate solutions to meet our needs allowed our office move to be a successful event allowing our staff to continue generating business.

You’re a star!!
— Kim Cooper, Account Executive, EIF International Ltd