Office Move and Cable Tidy Up - Innova Palmerston North

When our friends at Innova Palmerston North were faced with the task of moving to a new office our consultants Jason Short and Rogan Boyle were super excited to get stuck into the job. We had existing knowledge of their current office and cable set up and the expertise to carry out the move efficiently. Easing some of the stress that comes with an office relocation.

Our Approach

When we were assigned to assist Innova in their office move, we saw an opportunity to simplify their aging infrastructure, cabling and equipment. Downsizing their rather larger server room in the process. Our consultants ensured that the infrastructure was not only relocated but repurposed, restructured and improved. This included setting up a hosted telephony solution which removed the need to move their physical phone service.

In a 30-hour job our consultants managed to showcase their high level project management abilities and broad spectrum of skills by assisting with and improving the sites entire IT Infrastructure including phones and internet provisioning.


The office relocation of Innova Palmerston North was achieved within a reasonable amount of time and our consultants met the clients target delivery dates. The clients are happy and Think Concepts have another successful office relocation under their belt.