Wireless Point to Point Link

If you are a multi-site business and have offices located close to each other you may be able to link your sites wirelessly with a point to point link. They also have the potential to provide emergency internet to your sites when circumstances could threaten WiFi usage.

Our Tauranga consultant Dion saved the day for one of our maintenance clients with a wireless point to point link – here’s what happened.

“There was a situation when we were managing the IT for a large warehouse and office construction project where the providers of UFB fibre installation put the installation back into the consents stage and only informed us a few days before the offices had to be up and running! To still meet the ‘go live’ date we set up a wireless link to another customer’s premise who were nearby and already had fibre. By livening their UFB fibre connection as a secondary connection at the remote site, we managed to bring them online within a day! This ran for two months while their UFB fibre installation was completed.”