The Criteria the auditors will be using in the inspections:

  • All staff are suitably qualified for the pharmacy services provided from the premises.

  • There is ready access at the premises to all the required pharmacy equipment.

  • Appropriate corrective actions are implemented, documented and reviewed contributing to continuous quality improvement.

  • Controlled drugs requiring storage in a safe, are securely held in an approved controlled drugs safe.

  • Fridge temperatures are consistently maintained between 2-8c.

  • Prescription medicines are supplied in accordance with regulatory and professional requirements.

  • An approved form of controlled drugs register is appropriately and accurately maintained and retained on the premises for four years.

  • Compounding records for individually compounded products are appropriately maintained and stored on the premises for at least three years.

  • Medicines requiring supply by an accredited pharmacist are recorded, sold and labelled in accordance with regulatory and professional requirements.