With modern telecommunication technologies, you save hundreds or even thousands compared to aging copper or digital technologies. Not only that, but you can integrate your voice platform with your computer technology to improve collaboration and usability.   


As the internet becomes faster and more reliable, thanks to the current UFB (Ultra Fast Broadband) rollout, TaaS (Telecommunications as a Service) has become an increasingly accessible and viable option as a business phone solution. 

A simple way of understanding TaaS is simply thinking of your business phone system but being hosted in the cloud and delivered as a service. 

Like most things these days, telephony is now available as software. What this means is that TaaS is the most cost effective option because it doesn't rely on expensive in-house PABX (Private Automated Branch Exchange) infrastructure or the subsequent maintenance and monitoring associated but still taking advantage of the low cost phone line and calling rates offered on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

IP Telephony for Business

Sometimes your needs dictate for an on-premise phone solution - we can still help.

We offer a great selection of products to suit your needs. Installs are customised to suit your needs, from a standard phone right up to a full managed office solution. 

IP telephony encompasses the use of VoIP to lower costs, improve flexibility through centralised hardware, offers integration with your computer network to utilise software phones, and improves scalability as new DDI's or extensions can be provisioned within minutes. 

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