IT Consulting is using IT to create cost-effective solutions which empower you and your business!

Our IT consultants have an expert understanding of business technology to help create an empowering IT strategy various types of business.

Whether you are looking to simplify your IT, use software to improve business processes, expand your business or create more opportunities by the use of technology - We have the skills and partnerships to help you reach your business goals. Not only are our solutions cost-effective, a strategy from a Think Concepts IT Consultant will streamline your IT environment and maximise ROI for your business. 

IT Consulting

The rundown of what we can offer:

  • Discovery Sessions
    Many people have ideas about changes they want to make to their IT Infrastructure, but how do you know what is possible and, more importantly, how much it is likely to cost? We have a unique opportunity for you to undertake a "discovery session", a 2-3 hour session with one of our IT consultants, where you can air all the questions you might have about a project prior to proceeding with it. This will give you a thorough understanding of what is involved and what your IT road map could look like without the "strings" of going ahead.

  • Risk Management & Data Recovery
    Companies often view risk management as a defensive tactic, rather than an integral part of their whole IT strategy. Our IT Consultants will integrate risk management into your IT environment, preventing problems before they arise. Should an emergency situation arise, you'll have a fall back plan ready to roll.

  • Project Management
    Implementing changes to your business IT environment is exciting but can be a bit of an uphill battle! The outcome of a project depends on how well the project was managed. Our IT Consultants can look after the entire project; liaising with third party contractors so that you can focus on running your business.

  • Business Process
    There is a wide variety of SaaS (software as a service) products on the market that can help refine your business processes. Understanding which one will work for you can be time consuming and if you make the wrong call, it can be a costly exercise. Our IT Consultants have had a lot of exposure which allows us to help you make the best decision.

  • Conceptual Solutions
    Do you have a great idea, a vision, but you’re not sure where to start? Our IT Consultants will work with you to turn your amazing ideas into a reality through our technical expertise and partnerships through all professional services.

  • System Implementation
    If you need to implement new hardware or software into your current IT environment, it's often a complex task to undertake. We can procure the solution and implement it whilst ensuring your business will operate smoothly without interrupting your day to day activities while you move to your new system.

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