The most significant risk to any business is the permanent loss of digital business data from ‘cyberattacks’ (hacks and malicious software) or human error.

Cyber security mitigates risks to digital information assets. It’s the practice of having systems in place to prevent cyberattacks and accidents or reduce the impact of problems as they arise. It is a multi-layered, evolving process, as the realm of IT and data sharing becomes increasingly more sophisticated and complex.

 Cyberattacks against companies usually aim to:

  • Access, change, or destroy sensitive information

  • Extort money

  • Interrupt normal business processes.

You may assume your company is not at risk, but almost every company and individual is a target of a cyberattack some stage.

Common cyber security issues

  • Hackers
    Hackers break through digital security barriers to access data. These privacy breaches can be devastating, especially if your business has information valuable to ransom, sell, or use to target scams to your customer database. Hackers could also access your financial details and even empty your bank account.
  • Lost or stolen devices
    If an employee loses their smartphone or laptop, sensitive business data can be at risk. It is best to ensure there are protocols and software in place to cancel password access or remotely erase data if necessary.
  • Phishing emails and malware
    91% of targeted cyber attacks are spear phishing scams, where seemingly legitimate emails cause malware (malicious software) to be downloaded onto the user’s device. Malware gives attackers a foothold in the business data from which they can search for valuable information or cause irreversible damage to the device and company system.

  • *91%- fact check - As reported by TrendMicro, an antivirus software company.

  • Extortion via Ransomware
    Ransomware is software set to freeze your systems. It is usually accidentally downloaded through corrupted links. Hackers then threaten to destroy company data through encryption if ransoms are not paid.
  • Internal hacking
    One in four employees takes or shares sensitive data when leaving a job. Software should be in place to limit data access to only current employees.
  • Unintentional employee error
    Unintentional hacking is probably the most common cause of network disruption and is often caused by devices that are not configured properly. This can also be due to emailing data to the wrong recipient, or if an organisation accidentally (or unknowingly) releases sensitive information. Although human error can be more difficult to prevent, pairing the right technology with educating and training for employees is the safest solution.

Learn more about Cyber-Attacks and how to protect your company from them here.

The risks of ineffective data protection

Without effective cyber security, your company is risking:

  • Loss of consumer trust and business reputation

  • Loss of money

  • Disabling of online services and company websites

  • Incurred costs to patch and restore systems

  • Loss of intellectual property

  • Leaks of sensitive business data and personal information

  • Loss of revenue while your systems are being restored

  • Potential fines or penalties for breaching customer privacy.

Think Concepts can analyze your risk and develop a comprehensive cyber security strategy. We create robust and secure IT platforms protected against viruses and malware, with solid processes in place for risk mitigation and recovery if a breach does happen.

Our cyber security products


Level 1 Protection


ThinkProtect is our antivirus management service. We provide a cloud-hosted central management server through which we regularly enforce antivirus software updates and security policies.

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Level 2 Protection

Dark Web ID

This product scours the internet for compromised valuable and sensitive data relating to your organisation, and notifies us immediately before they can be used for identity theft, leaks or cyberattacks. Read more here.

Cyber Security Training

Our consultants can either come to your desired location, or host an onsite Cyber Security Training with your team as a valuable measure against cyber security threats. These interactive sessions will help teams to build awareness and assist in reducing risk for their organisation. The session covers an overview of common types of cyber-crime, what to avoid and pre-emptive measures, what to do if a threat does appear and a question and answer session.

Phishing Simulation

Working with your specifications, we create a campaign of fake emails to be sent out over an agreed period of time. Through email-tracking, we can establish the actions of the recipients (such as who opened emails, clicked links or submitted data) in order to show which recipients may need further training.


ThinkAhead is our proactive health monitoring service which identifies changes in system health, allowing us in some instances to notify you before they turn into downtime. We also scan for vulnerabilities and ensure patches are applied to keep your computers secure and up to date.


Level 3 Protection


Thinksafe is an on or offsite backup solution to protect your machines from data loss due to malware, ransomware, accidental file deletions and hardware failures.