Bringing Old Systems up to Speed

Ngongotaha Pharmacy

Customers rely on Ngongotaha Pharmacy to handle their prescriptions, provide the correct dosages, and keep their private information safe. Outdated hardware was making that increasingly difficult.


Owner Kirsty Croucher and her team were tired of their old, slow hardware, which constantly crashed and caused problems. To make matters worse, power outages were causing internet connectivity issues, and it was only a matter of time before vital data would be lost.

We put together a plan to replace the aging equipment, bring the network up to speed, and overhaul phone and internet systems. Now, the Ngongotaha Pharmacy team has a system that works for them and their customers.

New hardware, no disruption

The project started with a new server. We moved the existing pharmacy database over to a brand-new, purpose-built machine, complete with redundant drives to prevent problems caused by hardware faults and an uninterruptible power supply to keep the critical hardware protected from power surges and outages.

The next step was replacing monitors, keyboards, mice, scanners, and receipt printers at point-of-sale and in the dispensary with new, high-quality equipment. We also installed a high-performance network switch and power protection, to ensure vital trading and business data is protected during power outages or other incidents.

Like any business owner, Kirsty was keen to avoid interruptions to trading and disruption for her customers. To prevent this, we managed all the installations over the weekend, when the pharmacy was closed.

Streamlined phone systems

After installing and testing Ngongotaha Pharmacy’s new computer equipment, we brought in a new VoIP phone system. The new phone system is designed to save the business money on voice services and copper fees and to make customer enquiries easier to manage. Calls now flow through to the correct department, and connect to voicemail outside trading hours. Calls are also much clearer now, for both the pharmacist and the customer calling in.

Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) was the final element. Having access to cheaper, faster, and more reliable internet prevents disruptions, delays, and loss of data. The whole system is designed to provide smooth, reliable service for years to come. Because Kirsty and the team are no longer frustrated by network outages and slow hardware, they can focus on what they do best – providing great service to every customer.

Benefits for Ngongotaha Pharmacy:

  • Significant monthly savings on phone services and Internet

  • More efficient service with newer, faster computers at point-of-sale

  • Power protection for the network and server

  • Streamlined customer calls with new phone system

  • Ultra-fast Internet

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