Cloud Backups

Cloud Computing is a big buzzword in the field of technology and is often sold with the message that ‘it can do everything’ which isn’t far from the truth. Cloud Computing really excels at backing up and storing your data.

Traditionally speaking, backups are usually kept separate from your data. For example, you may have a server with all your business’ information stored on it and a NAS drive for storing backups. But what happens if a fire occurs and everything is lost?  Not only do you have to deal with getting hardware back; what about the years of information and work done? A cloud backup service for your business could save you further headaches in the future, leaving you with peace of mind, knowing that even in the case of a disaster your data will be safe and secure.

Cloud backups are automatic and occur once daily for the most up-to-date backups possible, without interrupting your normal work routine. That way it ensures your information is safe daily, and if an incident does occur, you won’t be losing days, weeks, or even months’ worth of data. (1).png