Unichem Waikanae Beach Pharmacy

Following the successful completion of a large pharmacy fit out in Waikanae, we were approached by the pharmacy owners and the Green Cross group to undergo another site deployment for Unichem Waikanae Health Pharmacy.

Our consultant Keiran, created the plans for the project and worked closely with the owners to ensure all areas were considered. He put together a quote for the hardware, software, cabling and all installation requirements. From there he worked within the deadlines set for the building fit out and liaised with a range of onsite contractors and third parties such as SecureMe and Chorus to get everything organised. In doing so, Keiran was able to manage all the small jobs to create a consolidated project, both alleviating stress for the owners and ensuring timeframes and estimates were met.

Think Concepts have many years of experience in the pharmacy sector so we are very familiar and comfortable with pharmacy fit outs. All our work for pharmacies have the audit requirements in mind and we work closely with both parties to ensure the site is compliant, ultimately enabling the new site to open on schedule.

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Keiran has kept in touch with the site managers after the project to answer any questions and to ensure their open day went well. This is the type of service we pride ourselves on and why we love supporting the pharmacy market.