We take on another VoIP migration with awesome results!

Think Concepts has always challenged the industry to show customers what good VoIP is all about: better, faster service for a great price, with no fine print or shady tactics.



Richard from Te Awamutu Pharmacy came to us for some advice in switching away from his dissolved VoIP provider. His pharmacy had been serviced by VoIP for a few years and he was one step away from calling it quits on the whole VoIP setup, opting to go back to copper landlines.

He was cornered into a poor contract through provider-acquisition and experienced below-average customer service for even the most simple requests. We supplied Richard with a one-day solution to transform his aging hardware into a modern setup that would show him clear and immediate benefits.



With our partners over at Voyager NZ, we created a clear and consise estimate to replace all of his hardware over a single day, and handle all the logistics involved in migrating to their services. Our Tauranga consultant Andrew was able to complete the project from beginning-to-end within a single business month and with no interruption to their business, enabling Richard and his crew to continue transacting through the whole process.

The feedback we received from Richard reflected on our goal to make it easy and transparent for decision makers to make the switch.

“So far, I cannot fault the new phone system. I am very happy with how it all went, Think Concepts took care of it all for us in a timely and professional manner. I’m liking how the phone displays the persons number and in some cases even the caller’s name. Having had it switched a week ago now, I’m pleased to say we haven’t had to call in for any issues as with the other firm we had hit many issues by this time.”

Retail Manager
Te Awamutu Pharmacy