Seamless growth with a proactive approach to IT

A proactive approach to all aspects of your IT environment, no matter the size

A managed services agreement puts the risk of handling your business-critical IT infrastructure in the hands of professionals, who proactively manage all aspects (or as many as you would like) of your IT environment.

Your IT provider's success relies on their ability to proactively monitor, asses, and nullify any potential risk surrounding your IT infrastructure. This can be as simple as making sure all your business-critical hardware is monitored and patched on a regular basis, or as complex as handling every aspect of your environment, from end-to-end. Below are some straight forward examples of how managed services can benefit your business.

Less time wasted, more opportunity created

IT providers view up-time as the pinnacle of business success, doing everything in their power to keep your systems working for you at all times. However, has this been proactively achieved, or is this success through ignorance? Regular patching and monitoring of all critical hardware does require the occasional outage. Our managed services platform allows us to schedule outages to occur at your businesses most suitable time, we are able to deploy updates and patches with speed and consistency, as well as proactively making sure that your business up-time is more than just plain old luck.

Seamless growth

Take away the financial stress associated with business growth and its IT cost.

We can assist with calculating estimated requirements for business growth, IT infrastructure and refresh cycles, which includes implementing IT budgeting and forecasting. Ultimately improving your business productivity by taking away the stress associated with managing any IT environment, enabling your organisation to focus on its product/service whilst boosting efficiency and productivity.

Here is what Rob Lutter has to say about moving to managed services:

"We have used Think Concepts as our IT provider for the last year. We have a National Office in Auckland and satellite staff around New Zealand. They were seamless in the transition and have saved us money since we signed up.

The IT Helpdesk staff are amazing, providing us a 24/7  365 day service. We have our incredible designated support person come into the office every month for two hours to do any maintenance that cannot be done online.

We also had an upgrade of seven of our computers and this was done well. We rate Think Concepts highly and would not hesitate to recommend them and their services."

Rob Lutter CEO Heart Kids New Zealand

Trouble free IT

Proactive management of IT environments is our specialty. The success of our clients is what drives us into delivering a complete and comprehensive managed service. We make managing all aspects of IT as pain-free as possible, allowing you to focus on the outcomes that matter, and leaving the IT to us.