Heard about Microsoft 365 but not sure how it can work with your business?

Heard about Microsoft 365 but not sure how it can work with your business?

You’re probably familiar with Office 365; the leading cloud subscription for email, word processing, spreadsheet and presentations. Office 365 allows you to access world-class email as well as the Microsoft Office suite for just a small monthly fee. So how does Microsoft 365 differ from this?

Microsoft 365 uses the Office 365 platform to go beyond emails and documents. The business plans for Microsoft 365 incorporate features such as advanced email threat protection, advanced malware protection, cloud archiving, and the ability to apply security polices to computers or wipe devices remotely if missing or stolen.

Need even more?

 Microsoft 365 also offers a range of enterprise-level plans with a host of other features, including Window 10 licensing, audio calling, Azure cloud-managed active directory (without needing your own server), business intelligence (BI) tools, encryption, security management, data loss prevention and more.

Why move to Microsoft 365?

New Zealand’s modern workplace is changing. No longer are offices all under one roof; teams may be spread across multiple sites, or even other parts of the world. Businesses now require a range of technology and interconnected devices for employees to complete tasks and produce results. 

Collaborating across offices requires efficient central management. Your business must have a hub for all members of your team to connect, no matter when or where they work from. This used to be your in-house server, but that’s not the way people work these days. Employees are often ‘on the go’, which means the ability to work from everywhere and manage computers remotely is becoming more and more important.

Think Concepts can help equip your business with the right tools to manage and navigate these challenges using Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is the ultimate solution for the modern workplace. This cloud-based solution makes teamwork simple, efficient, productive and, most importantly, secure. As a cloud-hosted service, Microsoft 365 provides your team with access to company information anywhere, anytime with a level of management not before seen outside of an in-house server environment.

Most importantly, Microsoft 365 is simple to use. There’s no new jargon. You can create a trial account and begin to see how easily your business can enjoy the benefits of being “in the cloud”.

And once you’ve made the move to the cloud, you’ll no longer have to wait for your next refresh to keep up with the latest software as updates and bug fixes will be available to you in real time as soon as they’re ready. For example, if a new version of Excel comes out and you are on a Microsoft 365 plan you can automatically upgrade, and in-fact your computer will do this for you as a simple windows update, it’s never been easier!

Office delivers experiences built for teamwork, such as:

-          Work anywhere: Your team will be able to access files and tools from any device, at any time, both online and offline.

-          Keep everyone together: No matter whether they’re in-house, freelancer or an external consultant, your team members can form teams in various channels and discuss projects as needed. Real-time co-authoring in Word and Excel means everyone can see changes as they happen.

-          Goes where you go: Use your mobile device to access email and documents. If you’re travelling without access to Microsoft Office, Office 365 allows you to view and edit documents.


The benefits also assist your bottom line:

-          Protection: Storing data in the cloud means it’s backed up and protected in a secure and safe location. 

-          Reduce capital expenses: Rather than forking out huge fees up front, Office 365 can be installed with a monthly subscription. Pay-as-you-go pricing options allow you to easily provide users with only the services they need.

-          Reduce hardware costs: The cloud-based platform means you no longer need to purchase new server infrastructure, reducing your spend on software licenses and hardware capability.

-          Easier to scale: Microsoft 365 grows with your business. As your team grows, you need only buy an additional license as you go, making costs easy to understand and meeting your exact needs at any given time.


What tools does Microsoft 365 offer?

Some of the key features of Microsoft 365 are:

Office 365: This cloud-based communication and document creation platform includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and more. It’s available across web, mobile, and desktop apps.

SharePoint: This is your company’s homepage and storage solution. It provides the content, updates and notes your team needs, as well as tools for them to manage their daily tasks and access documents. SharePoint allows you use external software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Github or Survey Monkey.  All files are automatically stored on SharePoint so all users with access can view, edit, or comment on them – no matter where they are.

OneDrive: A secure cloud-based platform for storing, syncing and sharing files from any device. 

Microsoft Teams: A hub in which different teams can use various channels and chats to communicate, share files, and receive updates. Users can also schedule meetings, calls and video-conferences.

Yammer: A communication tool that functions as a social network, a knowledge base and an internal social media platform. Your workers can send instant messages to one another and to customers, allowing them to participate in online meetings where they can review documents or take control of a desktop.


How Think Concepts can bring Microsoft 365 to you?

No IT team? No worries!

Think Concepts will help set up Microsoft 365 in your business, help you choose the right plan to meet your needs and challenges, and show your team how to use the features of the software. We focus on what your business needs and we use language that your team can understand.

Think Concepts’ expert consultants can help your business migrate your systems to the cloud and create custom solutions to suit your requirements. We can advise which cloud hosted services are best for your business, and then implement the data migration and set up. We will then always be available to assist you with adding or removing users, configuring the security features and generally making the most of your investment in Microsoft 365.

Ready to join the growing Microsoft 365 community? Call Think Concepts today and find out how much easier life is in the cloud!