Discover your IT Potential

Many people have ideas about changes and upgrades that they want to make to their IT Infrastructure. Others may just want to be sure that they are getting the best value from their current IT Support arrangement or Managed Service Provider.

How are you supposed to know what is possible and more importantly, how much is it likely to cost?

How does a discovery session work?

With over 14 years’ experience servicing the IT requirements of New Zealand Businesses, Think Concepts have valuable insight to offer you.

  • One of our consultants will meet with you on-site to discuss your current IT environment.

  • By Listening to what you want to achieve, we can advise you on options for how to get there and why it will work.

  • We will also provide you with plenty of alternative suggestions that you may not have considered.

  • Our discovery session includes an estimate of the likely cost of different alternatives to reach your solution.

  • On conclusion of the discovery session we will provide you with a full report including our recommendations, costs and time frames.

Why have a discovery session?

We developed this consultation service after meeting a number of clients who had commissioned other IT companies to create IT project plans but then did not follow through with what was recommended.

The client’s reasons for not persuing these projects included time restraints and worrying about the risks involved or the costs of the project.

Other clients had ideas for IT projects but didn't know how best to achieve the desired outcome. 

We hope that with our low-cost discovery sessions we can save our client's from going through the expense of paying thousands of dollars to their existing IT provider to develop a solution, then abandoning that solution altogether.

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