Microsoft Teams for Accountants

Microsoft teams is a collaboration platform which brings several Microsoft platforms together and provides a centralised hub for team communication, interaction and work collaboration.

Teams bring together chat, meetings set up and access, as well as integration with Skype for Business and easy content links with your Office 365 calendars, meetings and content, whether that be in SharePoint or an Office Online Document.


This provides several advantages especially within the financial services sector:

  • Transcriptions of collaboration to recall and search at a later date.

  • Leverages well used platforms (calendars, email and Office Work and Excel documents)

  • Solves a common issue of bringing these elements into a centralised "hub".

  • Lower amount of email correspondence which can save administrative time for your staff.


Along with this, the Teams app works across computers and mobile devices allowing access to meetings or content whilst out of the office.

The best thing here is that this product is already included with Business Premium and E3 Office 365 plans, which means you could be leveraging this technology without any additional cost uplift.


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