Reduce Downtime with a Pharmacy IT Care Package

In a recent survey it was found that on average businesses suffer 14 hours of IT downtime per year. For a Pharmacy this downtime could mean anything from a malfunctioning printer, to a misbehaving Eftpos terminal, to an offline POS system.

What if we told you that Think Concepts could resolve 99% of these issues and get you back online ASAP, greatly reducing that potential 14 hours of revenue draining downtime? 


We will help to reduce your lost revenue with the following care package inclusions:

  • 2-hours of rollover remote or on-site IT support monthly. If you don't use it you won't lose it!

  • Rollover hours can be used for consulting and strategy as well as IT support, we'll help you use IT to grow your business.

  • Preferential pricing on dispensary labels. You'll always be charged the next tier offering you further savings.

  • Remote machine monitoring (RMM) installed, allowing us remote access to your machines and proactive fault monitoring for support purposes. All installation costs are included.

  • Access to our 24/7/365 on-demand help desk. This ensures timely resolution of IT issues so your business can always be running.

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