A Passion That Follows Us Home

Our consultants don’t leave their passion for technology at work, we bring it home too!

Andrew recently moved into his new home in Papamoa, and put together a speedy, secure and convenient network.

A speedy UFB connection allows any amount of users on his network to use Netflix, YouTube and social media without delays or buffering, even when live streaming games

  • A local network-attached-storage box ensures his important documents are backed up, and his important files can be accessed by any device.

  • Raspberry Pi runs home automation functions based on sensors that control lights, computers and security systems.

  • An old, re-purposed MacBook Pro allows easy remote access from anywhere in the world and runs programs in the background for media organisation, downloads, transcoding and other tasks that are too heavy for the Pi.

  • A Ubiquiti wireless access point gives many devices simultaneous access to the network and Internet, and he can even let guests use it with a visitor hotspot, which can be reset at any time (no more forgetting or giving out insecure passwords!)

Tying it all together is a high speed router, tucked away in a discrete network cabinet that not only looks flash, but keeps the noise and light out for those extended gaming and movie-watching sessions!

With the knowledge gained from setting up our own technological spaces, Think Concepts treats every project like they would their own.